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Evolution Project
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Larmack's Theory of Evolution
     Larmack did influence Darwin by his theory of evolution. Although Darwin found it to be flawed he did realize that Larmack could be right about animals changing over time and becoming another type or altogether new species. Larmack believed that if a species used on organ more than others or did not use that organ at all that the species lost or acquired traits during their lifetime. They then passed it on to their offspring.
     Larmack's theory was seriously flawed first because behavior does not mean you will gain or lose traits. Also unknown during that time traits can't be inherited. An example that Larmack used is that if a giraffe keeps stretching his neck his neck will become longer eventually. His offspring will then have that same long neck.


Lamarck's Theory (Site where picture found).

Malthus' Conclusions
     Malthus also influenced Darwin's theory of evolution. His conclusion was that if humans kept producing more than people died there would not be enough room for everyone to live in.
     Darwin realized this could apply to animals and plants. If the earth was as old as he thought then it would have been too crowded because animals and plants produce more than humans. This led him to the theory of survival of the fittest. That many populations die and he began to wonder why some did and why others didn't.



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