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     Darwin's Theory

By SabrinaFair2 


     Charles Darwin's theory is highly controversial. It has seemed to cause conflicts as soon as Darwin has published his theory and ideas. Today many people still wonder if evolution should be taught in school. The infamous Scopes' Trial was probably the beginning point of the fight of evolution in or out of schools. But, before you make up your mind on whether evolution is wrong or right there are some facts you should learn. Unlike many people's incorrect thoughts that evolution is only the theory of people came from monkeys and proves that there is no God there is more to it. In the next part of the article I will explain what and what not Darwin's theory really is.

     Evolution is basically a change over time. This happens everyday a plant growing taller is a change over time (albeit a short period of time), weather changes over time to from winter to spring, then spring to summer and weather can change from year to year. It snowed heavily in the '80s and '70s but now snow fall has decreased. "Darwin's" evolution is the same thing but over a much larger scale of time such as a 1,000 years. This is where it gets very controversial. He believed that modern organisms have come from ancient organisms. The other controversial part is that every organism might be related to each other. His theory was based off of much of his knowledge he gained on the H.M.S. Beagle.

     On the Beagle he traveled the world for 5 years and made many observations. After he came back to Great Britain and reviewed them he finally came up with the evolution theory. His theory is basically complied of three ideas (Darwin's Theories). He believed that evolution had to do mainly through Natural & Artificial. The theory stated that through natural selection certain animals that were best suited for that environment lived longer; therefore, produced more offspring. This happened when animals compete for necessary resources (click on Darwin's Theories above for more info.). The ones that did not survive did not pass on there genes to the next generation. Also survival of certain individuals could happen when an animal has an adaptation (a mutation where it is actually beneficial to its survival). Darwin thought that through time species changed through that process and then changed because of its environment and became new species. This led him to the belief that all organisms are related to one another.  

     I hope this article has helped you understand evolution better and shown you fact from fiction. There is much evidence to prove that evolution is in fact true (Darwin's Theories). To learn more about this subject please look through my site.



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