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What If Darwin Had Been Born Earlier???
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What if Darwin had been born one century before???


     Here is a list of possible things that might have happened if he was born in the 1700's.


  • First of all he might have not even been able to go on his voyage because of circumstances during that era. He could have gone to the "New World" America but, it's very unlikely someone would try to go through the Pacific back to England. And highly unlikely they would have gone to the Galapagos Islands. He could have very well become a minister for a small congregation like his father wanted him to.


  • If he did he would have probably wanted to keep his thoughts to himself. He could have kept the recordings to himself and hoped that one day religious persecution (or persecution of "radical" ideas) would have stopped and someone could study and research his journal and ideas. During this time many people in England were anti- Roman Catholic; any other Protestant religion besides Church of England (Anglican); or of those with abstract or new ideas. (Hence the Pilgrims going to America...they weren't Anglican.)


  • If he did have the courage to actually write his conclusions and theories and publish them. (It would be hard to even get his books published!) He could have been put in prison, hanged or executed, or even deported from the country. During this time there was no separation from church and state. In England especially the king was also the head of the church and if you disobeyed the church it was disobeying the king. If he was deported he could have gone with the Pilgrims or other to the "New World" or he could possibly been sent to Australia.