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Evolution Project
The Controversy


Faith vs. Science or can there be peace???

     In America we live in a country where everyone can believe whatever they separated from state. But, at the same time America's laws were based and founded on Christianity. The controversy still stands and are battled even today if the Ten Comandments should be in courthouses and is evolution to be taught in school. Many evangelical christians are fundamentalists and deny all forms of evolution. While on the other hand evolution has seemed to put any deity out of a job. Where's the balance? Or can there even be a "balance"? Will one day come where scientists and Christians shake each others hands and share some of the same beliefs about creation. Or will the controversy last until someone proves the other undenibly wrong? Here are some multimedia files that will help you decide.

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The Fundalmentalists' War

How science and faith effects two students

Why is evolution so controversial???

Scientist's View of Creation and Evolution (Audio only)

Scopes Monkey Trial

Evolution in School Debate 14:11 time

Evolution Revolution~Evolution Debate Timeline

Evolution in School

     ***Personal Statement***
I personally do not accept the theory of evolution. I believe in creation. But as you can see my beliefs do not effect my site. I believe that science and religion can come together. This is my own personal belief and I am not trying to "push it on" anyone.

  • Case for a Creator By Lee Strobel

            Note: Very sided towards creation rather that evolution. Describes how science and religion can come together.