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Evolution Project
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Questions & Evolution Theory

Here are some questions I came up about the puzzle of life's diversity:

  • Why are animals similar (wolves and dogs; humming bird and blue bird) yet have small differences that make them unique?
  • Does the climate of certain areas affect the animals that live there in their physical appearance?
  • Why are there so many different variations of certain animals?
  • Why are there animals that are "older" (been recorded in history) and others who are "younger" (seem to appear on Earth later) that are of the same family? (Domestic cat and Lion)




The Evolution Theory 

Evolution is changes over time often it is referring to today's species have been descended from ancient species. Some scientists believe that evolution happened many millions of years ago. To many it contrasted with their strong religious beliefs. Many of them believed in creation rather than evolution. A theory is a well tested explanation and in this case of how the universe was created.  Evolution is only considered a theory because it has not been proved.


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