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Doubts & Fears


Darwin's Fear & Doubts of Publishing


     Darwin did not dive into publishing his theory when he got home to London. It took him awhile and lots of people to finally convince him. The obvious reason was the church would not agree at all with his thinking. Some other reason are:

  • His "co-workers" observers and naturalists would not believe it.
  • He was never an atheist and it would make him seem like one. Also he didn't want the atheists to use it.
  • Many of his family and friends who were Christian and belonged to the church might dislike it. He loved his family and friends and did not want to hurt them.
  • The people who did need to read it (animal breeders, etc.) would find it to long and boring. They probably would not read it.

     Many of his colleagues advised him and pushed him into publishing it. He realized that the world should at least be given the right to criticize it. His health was declining and he realized that he should publish before or if he died.


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