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Audrey Hepburn Game

Classic Audrey

 A short trivia game about her movies.


If you ever seen Love in the Afternoon you know Ariane "had" a number of suitors. This is to test your knowledge over Audrey's many leading men. Click on the clip from the website ( or ( to see what I mean.


1.) Item One an American journalist
2.) Item Two an American playboy
3.) Item Three the American playboy's brother
4.) Item Four an American photographer
5.) Item Five an American gold digger (literally)
6.) Item Six an American writer
7.) Item Seven a British government agent
8.) Item Eight an American screenwriter
9.) Item Nine a British linguist/professor
10.) Item Ten a British theif/art lover
More later...
a. Rex Harrison (Henry Higgins)
b. Cary Grant (Peter, Alex, etc.)
c. George Peppard (Paul Varjak)
d. Humphrey Bogart (Linus Larrabee)
e. Peter O'Toole (Simon Dermott)
f. William Holden (Richard Benson)
h. Gregory Peck (Joe Bradley)
i. William Holden (David Larrabee)
j. Anthony Perkins (Abel)
k. Fred Astaire (Dick Avery)

Please e-mail me your answers!


Answers coming soon!!!

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