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Classic Audrey

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These are all fast summaries of Audrey's films.

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  • Roman Holiday (1953)      -In Audrey's first American debut she was stunning. She co-starred with Gregory Peck, who was already in some movies then. Audrey is Princess Ann and wants to escape the boring and scheduled life of royalty. She meets up with Joe Bradley, an American newspaper man, in not the best of conditions. Joe sees his chance of earning some money and pretends to not know her true idenity. They decide to spend a holiday together but, Joe begins to fall for the Princess.


  • Sabrina (1954)      -Audrey is the family chauffeur's daughter named Sabrina. All of her life she desperately loved David Larrabee(William Holden). He's a playboy and doesn't even notice her...until she comes back from Paris all grown up. The only problem is he's already engaged! Linus (Humphrey Bogart) and the rest of the Larrabees won't let her get in the way of a major business deal. So Linus begins to woo Sabrina and later ditch her after the merger is completed. His plans are interrupted when he does begin to love her.

          *For the "updated" version of this movie check out Sabrina (1995) with   Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond.


  • Funny Face (1957)      -Jo Stockton (Audrey) works in a bookstore and thinks fashion and style are all silly. One day she is bombarded by a fashion magazine company wanting to take pictures. The kind photographer, Dick Avery (Fred Astaire), realizes that Jo could become the next great model. Jo only decides to go model because it's in Paris and she hopes to meet a famous philosophy professor. As things get more complicated in Paris it also gets funnier. Note: Like My Fair Lady it is a musical. Unlike My Fair Lady Audrey's voice was not dubbed at all.


  • Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)      -This is probably one of Audrey's most celebrated movies that she has done. Holly (Audrey) is a girl from New York that tries to seem a little hard and deals in what some would call shady business. She has a past that she tries to hide but can't from her neighbor, Paul (George Peppard). Paul also has some ties to an older woman somewhat like Holly's. As they search for themselves they finally find each other.


  • Charade (1963)      -Regina (Audrey) is shocked to find her husband was killed. Her late husband's friends from WWII begin to threaten her. A stranger (Cary Grant) comes to her aid. As the plot goes on she begins to suspect the stranger to be the murderer.


  • My Fair Lady (1964)      -Eliza (Audrey) is a poor flower girl who wants to earn more money by becoming a shopkeeper. To do so she asks for Professor Higgins' (Rex Harrison) help to speak proper English. He takes her on as a bet; that he can make her into a "duchess" for the embassy ball. As he grooms her language and manners some of his affection begins to grow for the "guttersnipe".





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